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A.K. Inspirations delivers specialist buiding commissioning and water treatment services to meet a wide range of client's requirements. Whether you are seeking to commission new, existing or renovated systems, improve energy performance, deliver greater levels of comfort for building occupants or resolve recurring/emerging heating and cooling issues we offer a range of services to cover that. 




A.K. Inspirations provide you with an experienced team of engineers that will deliver all aspects of your HVAC commissioning requirements. All our work is designed to meet your project specifications and is provided in accordance with BSIRA and CIBSE commissioning standards.


Our commissioning service offering includes:

  • Commissioning Management
  • Supply & Extract Ventilation Balancing
  • Heating & Chilled Water System Balancing
  • Domestic Water Supply Testing
  • Energy Reduction Consulting & Commissioning


  • Pre-Commissioning 
  • Seasonal Commissioning
  • Continuous Commissioning
  • HVAC System Validations
  • Trouble Shooting & Problem Solving


Water Treatment


Essential for the effective performance of your HVAC system, cleaning, flushing and chemical treatment of both the heating and chilled water systems will ensure that the operation of system components, such as valves and coils, are not compromised by the collection of debris, as well as preventing water contamination.


We provide access to a qualified team of engineers who will deliver quality water treatment services to recommended BSIRA guidelines.


Our water treatment service offering includes:

  • Pre-Commission Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning & Dosing
  • Chlorination


  • System Flushing
  • Water Sampling
  • Legionella Risk Assessment





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